[linux-lvm] Updated LVM2 tools for testing

Alasdair G Kergon agk at uk.sistina.com
Sat Jul 5 20:13:02 UTC 2003

I've put updated versions of the LVM2 tools from CVS onto the FTP site
so more people can test them.  The kernel driver has been improved.

dmsetup + libdevmapper + replacement kernel patches for 2.4.20 & 2.4.21:

Updated LVM2 tools to work with the above:

If the new tools detect the old version 1 driver, they try to fall back
and use the old API, so you shouldn't need to keep two sets of tools
around if you're regularly swapping kernels.  [But this hasn't been
thoroughly tested.]

agk at uk.sistina.com

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