[linux-lvm] Multiple Path possible with LVM ?

Lars Grobe grobe at gmx.net
Tue Jul 8 19:01:02 UTC 2003

> Just put your lvm volume on an md multipath device.  Note 
> that these are not loadbalanced paths in stock kernels, just 
> failover paths. 
Well, in evms 2.1, with 2.4.21 and the md-multipath, I am offered 
a load-balanced multipath configuration. However, as I currently 
have the expensive emc module mentioned in the firt mail ;-), I 
didn't really try this. 
If you want to have load balancing, just divide each raidset into 
two luns / "devices", and access each raidset via two paths by this 
configuration. If you put an lvm-stripeset over those two luns, 
you get a "load-balanced" access to your raidset over both channels. 
I am currently doing tests with these configurations, but I have moved 
to evms with our new fileserver because of some cluster functionality 
in the 2.x-releases of evms. We have shared storage between two nodes, 
and while you can do this with lvm, it is AFAIK a bit dangerous because 
you must make sure that one nodes commits an vgscan if the other one 
changed the lvm configuration. 
Good luck, CU Lars. 

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