[linux-lvm] LVM disk died

Melinda Taylor melinda at phys.unsw.edu.au
Sat Jul 12 22:19:02 UTC 2003

I was searching through the LVM mailing list archives and someone said:

 > I read the FAQs and one of them shows how to recover from a dead drive. It
 > is says you lose the data in the Logical Volume but I'm hoping just the
 > data on the physical disk that died and not the entire volume. Yep, as 
explained above

can someone direct me to the faq that shows me how to recover from a dead 

I had LVM spanning 4 HDDs and one will no longer spin up. That was also the 
disk housing the / filesystem. The / filesystem was not LVM but ext3 but 
there was an LVM partition on there. I have backups, thank god but they a 
couple of days old.

I have to reinstall the Operating system (redhat 7.3) from scratch, if I 
install as I did before, will I be able to recover the data on the 
remaining 3 disks? A friend said it should be as easy as a couple of 
commands but I am still such a newbie to LVM and this is the first time, 
since installing it I have had to think about it again.

Any tips anyone can offer would be appreciated or directions to the faq 
mentioned above. I searched the sistina site but to no avail.

Many Thanks,


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