[linux-lvm] rescanning a physical volume

daniel.holt at centrelink.gov.au daniel.holt at centrelink.gov.au
Tue Jul 15 08:11:04 UTC 2003


we are messing around with LVM and dynamically increasing SAN disk 

We are trying to get to a point where we can increase capacity to the host 
dynamically on demand without interruption to the host. This is one of the 
major advantages of a storage area network, we can increase the size of a 
LUN on the fly, then we just need the host to pick it up. The reiser FS 
can successfully increase itself over the new volume, we are just trying 
to get LVM to pickup the new size of the physical volume.

Is there a command to re-scan the size of a physical device and update the 
physical volume under LVM. We can't seem to find one.

any suggestions are very appreciated.

Daniel Holt
SAN Tuning & Storage Administrator
PH: (02) 6219 8047
MOB: 0414 99 22 63

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