[linux-lvm] redhat 8 booting problem: Message=dropping to shell command

Blueyonder abs1 at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 08:31:12 UTC 2003

Hi all

Having problems booting RH8, after creating a logical volume.
Bootup goes normally till it gets to displaying message = dropping you
to a  shell command.

The system already had working lv's, that were visible with df -h.
They remained mounted after rebooting. Appropriate entries for them
were found in /etc/fstab.

Below is what was attempted:

1. LV created & formatted with mke2fs -j /dev/vg1/varlv

2. Mounted: mount /dev/vg1/varlv   /var

3. Checked: df -h. Seen to be mounted.

4. After reboot, did, df -h  Not mounted now.

5. edited /etc/fstab to include the line for /dev/vg1/varlv:

/dev/vg1/varlv        /var      ext3     defaults   1 2

6. Rebooted: 
Got to the point in bootup where message = dropping you to a  shell

7. Typed root password and hit enter.

8. Repeated message: Init d:x respawning too fast, disabling for 5

I can see the message=dropping you to a  shell command appears in
rc.sysinit. I understand that ext3 is handled by initrd ram disk.

Help much appreciated

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