[linux-lvm] Need to remove broken hdd, and need to move the stuff i can from the broken disk

Joe Thornber thornber at sistina.com
Sun Jul 27 07:33:01 UTC 2003

On Sun, Jul 27, 2003 at 11:12:10AM +0200, ^YosH^ wrote:
> Yes, pvmove tells me I don?t have enough free extents... isn?t there any
> command for like forcing to move as much as possible of the data to
> other disks... if not, its worth a feature request... is there any way
> to find out what data is on the disk I need to replace? 

I'm sure Alasdair could tell you a way to find out using the lvs
command.  I tend to just look at /etc/lvm/backup/<vg name>.  Send this
file to me (off list) if you have trouble interpreting it.  You'll
probably want to shrink the fs/volume that is on the bad pv before
doing the move.

- Joe

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