[linux-lvm] Performance question

Griffin, Michael (PEC) Michael.Griffin at USPTO.GOV
Tue Jul 29 09:11:01 UTC 2003

I have a Dell 4600 with a PERC quad channel raid controller attached to
an external disk array (14 disks).  I am running Oracle 9i on Red Hat
Linux.  I am running an import from an Oracle 8i database and
normalizing the data.  My 3 import files are between 2-4GB each
compressed, but grow to between 25-40GB each uncompressed.  It takes
approximately 10 hours to import these into my database.  I currently
have three disk arrays set up in RAID 0 to achieve as much speed as
possible (so far).  

My question is, would it help my performance if I were to turn off RAID
on the controller(s) and use LVM?  Any suggested configs would be

Thank you,


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