[linux-lvm] LVM disk died

Emmanuel Varagnat emmanuel.varagnat at free.fr
Wed Jul 30 05:27:01 UTC 2003

Melinda Taylor wrote:
> I was searching through the LVM mailing list archives and someone said:
>  > I read the FAQs and one of them shows how to recover from a dead 
> drive. It
>  > is says you lose the data in the Logical Volume but I'm hoping just the
>  > data on the physical disk that died and not the entire volume. Yep, 
> as explained above
> can someone direct me to the faq that shows me how to recover from a 
> dead drive.

I don't know if you already fixed your problem, but you can try 
e2retrieve (http://coredump.free.fr/linux) that I just released.

-=( manu )=-

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