[linux-lvm] How to grow a PV?

Thomas Kleffel thomas.kleffel at maintech.de
Thu Jun 12 05:31:01 UTC 2003

Hi again,

after a bit of research I found out, that I resized my PV some time ago 
using the pvresize command, that was available in lvm_1.1-rc2.
At the moment I am using 1.0.7 (gentoo). My problem is now that 
lvm_1.1-rc2 seems to have disappeared. I read that it was buggy, but 
worked for me at least 4 times.
Could someone please tell me, where I could get lvm_1.1?  This would 
save me a lot of work.

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Kleffel

I wrote:

> Hi!
> I am running LVM1 ontop of  software-RAID (md). I just added a disk to 
> my raid, so my /dev/md0 is about 120G bigger now.
> Now my question is: How can I tell LVM to include these additional 
> space into the PV that's already there (on /dev/md0)?
> I  know it has to be possible because I did it several times (my raid 
> has 9 disks now - it hat 4 disks, some time ago) - I just can't 
> rememer :(((
> Could someone please give me a hint?

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