[linux-lvm] snapshots+highmem+'md raid5'

Koch, Steffen steffen.koch at sphinx-electronics.de
Thu Jun 12 08:30:02 UTC 2003

> > Anyone out there using MD RAID5 as physical volumes, high 
> memory enabled
> > (> 960m of physical memory) and snapshots under load successfully ?
> FYI: I use MD RAID5 as physical but I had to disable the
> himem completely, because otherwise 1.0.7 would live-lock
> the entire system ...

I've a similar problem. My machine has only 768M RAM but I think it may be
related. I've 4 IDE disks making up a MD raid5. This md is a single PV in a
VG. If I copy some amount of data (mostly from about 2-4 gigabytes) to a LV
created in that VG the complete system locks up, no chance to press
ctrl-alt-del, only hard reset works.

If someone has a solution for this please help.

BTW: I'm using LVM 1.0.7

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