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DUKE AKATA dukeakata at caramail.com
Thu Jun 12 13:14:01 UTC 2003



This may come to you as a surprise, especially as we have probably not met  before. I apologise for this sudden approach, as it is due to the urgent 
 nature of the proposal I intend to present to you. I got your contact  through a desperate and personal search on the web,
 for someone I could  really trust. In the last six years, till date, I work as a chartered auditor with the 
 West Africa Projects and Control Commission,(WPCC) with offices in Ghana,  Lagos, Abuja, Abidjan, Monrovia and Republic of
 Benin. I am with the Abidjan office Annexe. As the routine job of a Chartered  Auditor, I and my colleagues, (all four in number)
 are assigned to travel  through our various offices and project sites each month to inspect the extent of work on our project sites, and
 also examine financial  records of the WPCC and its subsidiaries.
 From recent findings, we have discovered that funds in the sum of  $12,000,000.00 (Twelve Million Dollars, had been
 approved for the WPCC as  payment for a contract which had been completed. Known to my colleague and I 
 only, the amount had already been paid to the contractor, through the  Abidjan office, but due to the recent upheavals and
 civil strife in Abidjan,  all relating payment information and evidence of collection of entitlements  were burnt and destroyed. Consequently, I have
 deleted the remaining  information from our network, and no reference can be made to it by anyone  else.
 Ultimately, this has created a lifetime opportunity for us to apply through  a foreigner, for the re-approval and payment of the
 funds into a foreign  account. I hereby propose 20% of the total amount to you, if you indeed  agree to assist and provide the required account for
 the purpose of this  transfer.
 I also wish to assure you that there is no risk involved, as the transaction  can be fully effected in 14 days, if we follow the
 carefully laid down plans  to enable this project succeed. I need your strong assurance that you will  not let me down,  whilst I am assuring you that you
 will not bear any  expense or spend any money until the funds are confirmed deposited in your  account, as I have made adequate provision for any
 costs that might be  involved or arise in the process of the transfer.
 Please kindly provide me with your current phone number, so we can arrange a  meeting prior to the transfer and also discuss
 useful investment plans.  I  also implore you to treat this matter with utmost confidentiality as I would 
 not want us to attract undue attention to this matter. I await your prompt response, so that I can give you
 further details. 
I wish  you good health, proserity and a bountiful business relationship between us  this new year.

Best Regards,

M.Sc, ACA.

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