[linux-lvm] problem of snapshot on XFS

more more0401 at sina.com
Mon Jun 23 00:48:01 UTC 2003


I am using XFS on LVM1 now.

I build snapshot LV using xfs_freeze and not using norecovery mount 
option. This is commended in lvm-howto.
But in my test, if I reboot the system in the progress of file writing 
on a LV that has snapshot,  the next time mounting snapshot will report 
XFS error and the system wants to repair the snapshot. So I will have to 
use norecovery option now.

I feel puzzled that why XFS repairing is needed on snapshot, I am now 
building an enterprise network file server, the robust is very important 
for us.

Very thanks for any feeding, by the way, it is not possible for me to 
use LVM2 in current.


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