[linux-lvm] read-only media in a LVM?

Sean P. Kane spkane at genomatica.com
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Wolfgang, can I get your email address so that I can ask you a few
questions about this off-line?


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Sean P. Kane wrote 78 lines:

> I'd love to have a unionfs, but my understanding is that no such beast

> exists for Linux 2.4 currently

Try looking at 

Plasticfs-viewpath is basically a unionof all filesystems in the
viewpath, changes happen on the first one and a .whiteout remembers what
you deleted.  It does *not* work for root (security!!!  You do not want
root to see /tmp/login instead of /bin/login!).  Remember to set the
environment variables, e.g.

    PLASTICFS="viewpath /ramdisk /cdrom1 /cdrom2"
    /bin/bash   # or whatever program you want.

Since Plasticfs works on file-level, you should be able to mix and match
filesystems as you like.  Note however that --- since we just overload
common FS access methods --- some things might not work.

I have it in production use (for Aegis, not for cdroms).


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