[linux-lvm] shuffling drives along the chain?

Joe Thornber thornber at sistina.com
Wed Jun 25 03:13:01 UTC 2003

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 02:14:59PM +1200, Steve Wray wrote:
> I have an existing LVM setup over 3 hard drives,
> hda, hdc, hde, with PV's and VG's set up just so.
> I wish to add a new drive as the new hda, shifting
> the other drives down the chain such that the old hda
> becomes the new hdb and so forth.
> The new drive will have new VG's on its PV's with
> no overlap; no PV on the new drive will be part
> of any VG on the old drives.
> Is it just a simple matter of doing the 
> vgchange -an <volume group>, vgexport <volume group>, 
> shutdown & move the drives, reboot, 
> install Linux onto the new drive and then
> pvscan, vgimport <volume group> <physical volumes>
> dance?
> Or are there any gotchas to be aware of?

You don't need to export/import if you are just moving devices around.
Just vgscan after moving them.

- Joe

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