[linux-lvm] HELP! 'can't get data of volume group "vg01" from physical volume(s)'

Koch, Steffen steffen.koch at sphinx-electronics.de
Thu Jun 26 03:27:01 UTC 2003

> I had two PVs, hdc (whole disk) and hda4 (partition), in VG vg01. This
> VG contains one LV called 'home'.
> I wanted to add a 120G disk, hdb,  so I did 'pvcreate /dev/hdb'. After
> some discusssion it was decided that we did not want to give the whole
> disk to LVM, so I partitioned the disk (thinking that the PV 
> structures
> would be overwritten that way) and did 'pvcreate /dev/hdb4', the other
> three partitions being normal non-LVM partitions.
> Then we decided to change our file system to ReiserFS so I 
> added hdb4 to
> the vg01 group, created a LV "newhome" inside (spanning the hdb4
> partition), formatted this LV with REiserfs, and copied 
> everything from
> the (still mounted) 'home' LV over.
> Then I rebooted.
did you reboot to update your partition table BEFORE creating your PVs??

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