[linux-lvm] Trouble with pvmove

Nils Juergens nils at muon.de
Mon May 5 10:51:01 UTC 2003

On Mon, 05.05.03, Andre? ?str?m <andree.astrom at home.se> wrote:

> We were using 1.0.4, so updated to 1.0.7 today. No luck tough. Computer
> locks up completly at
> certain PE's.

You could try to use 'dd' to backup the damaged pv to a new (equally-sized)
partition, using 'conv=noerror' option to skip faulty blocks.

Perhaps you could use strace or on of the debugging options of pvmove to
determine wher it locks. I suspect it locks trying to read the faulty block
over and over again.

good luck,


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