[linux-lvm] hard drive crash info please

Randy Perkins randyperkins at randyperkins.com
Thu May 8 16:54:02 UTC 2003

> hi
> you need lvm2 to  activate a partial volume group. if you have a
> backup  of your vgcfg  then you may restore your config to a new
> harddisk with  the lvm1 tools.
> i had no actual vgcfgbackup so i needed to upgrade to lvm2 to activate
>  the partial vg and make a backup of all partitions that were not
> affected by the crashed harddisk. then i used the vgcfgbackup on the
> partial vg and edited the meadata from the backup (lvm2 saves the
> backup
>  data in human readable form) that all missing segments are put on the
> replacement disc. after i restored the backup everything worked again
> and i lost only the data which was on the bad disk.

thanks for your reply
I am going to reread the how-to and man pages so i can
get refreshed on what i am doing.

Is the vgcfg the file that is located in /etc/lvmconf/my_vg.conf ??
If this file is the vgcfg, how current does it need to be ??

at this point you guys have given me hope that i can restore
at least some of my data, and the good news is that the files
I really need are the smaller files.

thanks again

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