[linux-lvm] device mapper startup

kihan kihan at gmx.at
Fri May 9 04:27:01 UTC 2003


i have now compiled a kernel with device-mapper support, and the lvm2 tools.

i have my root filesystem on an lvm-jfs drive, so i need a ramdisk. (it 
worked for me for 2.4.12)
i don't use "devfs", so therefore i need to start "devmap_mknod.sh" on 
each boot, i think after reading the documentation.

so my question is, when do i need to start the script?
1. do i need to run it from the "linuxrc"-script of my ramdisk?
2. do i need to run it again in my "normal" boot scripts?
3. do i need to create any directories, devices etc in "dev" (ramdisk 
also?), before the script runs correctly?

at the moment when my system starts up with the device mapper kernel 
driver, i get following message, when "vgscan" is run from the 
"linuxrc"-script on my ramdisk.

"/dev/mapper/control": no such file or directory

....after that i get a message, which asks, if the kernel has 
device-mapper support. and yes i have complied the kernel with the 
"0.96.08" release, because current cvs from the device-mapper sources do 
not complie, and i'm not he best coder...;-)

thanks for any help again,


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