[linux-lvm] Question when installing LVM

John DeFranco defranco at cup.hp.com
Thu May 15 11:13:02 UTC 2003


If you are building a newer version of lvm from source for redhat 7.3 
(there is one already compiled and provided as a module), you  need 
to be sure you have the kernel-source rpm installed. Since redhat 
uses /usr/src/linux-2.4 instead of /usr/src/linux as the kernel 
source base you either need to create the /usr/src/linux link 
yourself or when you run the LVM configure command use the option 
--with-kernel_dir=/usr/src/linux-2.4, this is what I do.

I have had no problems with lvm on rh7.3.

On Thursday 15 May 2003 08:57, Murray, Bobby wrote:
> I installed the LVM on Redhat Linux 7.3. I am not able to display
> anything when I do a vgdisplay or lvdisplay. Nothing seems to work.
> I was trying to compile the source but the configure is failing on
> a /usr/src/src/linux not found. Redhat does not have such a file
> thats why I turned to the RPM's but they do not seem to be working
> correctly. Has anyone else experienced any problems compiling or
> using LVM? thanks in advance
> Bobby Murray
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