[linux-lvm] re[2]: iSCSI and LVM

Greg Freemyer freemyer at NorcrossGroup.com
Thu May 15 11:36:01 UTC 2003


Thanks for keeping me informed.

I am particularily interested in getting a Linux iSCSI target to work with a Windows iSCSI initiator.

Microsoft is projecting a June release of their half of this, last I knew.

Hopefully someone will introduce a compatible Linux target.

===>  Other totally different ways to export a FS:

I know the OpenGFS filesystem has been used with iSCSI backend drives.

That is not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe ogfs could partially satisfy the needs you have.

Another very different choice is HyperSCSI.  There are Open Source Linux initiators and targets available.

IIRC, HyperSCSI's claim to fame is they are a low-level protocol.  (i.e. No TCP / UDP.)

That makes it much faster.  i.e. much of the iSCSI overhead has to do with TCP sockets.

Greg Freemyer

 >>  Hi Greg,
 >>      Thanks for responding. I'm currently trying out the iSCSI
 >>  implementation provided by the UNH IOL iSCSI Consortium:

 >>  http://www.iol.unh.edu/consortiums/iscsi/

 >>  They provide modules for both target and initiator. Unfortunately, the
 >>  implementation is based on the v18 draft and doesn't include support for
 >>  ErrorRecoveryLevel 2. I'd like level 2 recovery so that I can failover
 >>  the node running the iSCSI target, and have the initiator automatically
 >>  reconnect to the new iSCSI target node. Also, their implementation
 >>  doesn't have support for setting up a logical volume as an iSCSI target.
 >>  You can specify a file as an iSCSI target, so I tried specifying the
 >>  logical volume's block device file, but when I imported it on the
 >>  initiator node, the capacity of the device was all screwed up. Anyways,
 >>  I'll try your pointer to the Intel implementation and see if it works
 >>  better. Alternatively, I may try looking into using ENBD to export the
 >>  logical volumes.

 >>  Thanks,
 >>  -Kai 

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