[linux-lvm] kernel BUG at dm-snapshot.c:986!

Max Kalika max at lsit.ucsb.edu
Fri May 16 09:01:02 UTC 2003

Quoting "Heinz J . Mauelshagen" <mauelshagen at sistina.com>:
> that code has changed recently. Have you tried if public device-mapper
> cvs  fixes it?
> Keep in mind, that code is under construction there!


Thank you for your reply.  Could you provide a pointer or to as to how to
try the CVS device-mapper?  I just checked out the tree and the patches
look the same as those that are in the release tarball (0.96.08).  I'm
assuming I have to do something with the dm-ioctl.[ch] files found under
the kernel directory in the device-mapper CVS tree as that is where I
noticed a lot of activity last month.  Do I just copy these manually into
my kernel tree or is there something else that needs to be done as well?
(Or do you know if there will be a new set of kernel patches cut soon?)
Thank you for your time and patience.

---max kalika
--max at lsit.ucsb.edu
-lsit systems administrator

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