[linux-lvm] pvresize

Ivan Dimitrov dobber at bastun.net
Mon Nov 3 07:44:01 UTC 2003

Hello list

I have searched on google for the problem I need to solve and what I
found is a tool that was in lvm 1.1 branch. Unfortunately I could not
find lvm 1.1 anywhere on the net. So I'll explain the situation I have
and kindly ask You if this is possible with the current tools.

I have a linux system with 2.4.21 kernel, raid5 on 3 hard disks and LVM
1.0.4. I have created the physical volume over /dev/md0 and now
everything works as a charm (thanks to the lvm creators:)). But now due
to disk shortage I want to add another hard disk to the raid volume and
extend the lvm physical volume to use the extra space. Unfortunately I
don't know how can I extend a lvm physical volume. What I found is a
tool that is only in lvm 1.1 branch - pvresize that is not included in
other branches of LVM. Can you point me where can I find and download
lvm 1.1 or are there other clean ways to extend the physical volume. And
I don't want to upgrade to LVM 2.
Thanks a lot.

ps2. Sorry for my bad English.

Ivan Dimitrov
System Administrator
Ancient Media Ltd.

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