[linux-lvm] lvm + slow deleting problem

Aleksander Olsen alekolsen at mil.no
Wed Nov 5 08:00:06 UTC 2003

(Sorry if its html formated)

Im new to the lvm and know only the basics and after browsing thrugh the archives here... i need som help.

I got 4 WD120gb 8MB disks put together on a slackware 8.1 box and running lvm that came with 2.4.20.

Dont have access to the benchmark info now, but lets just say that I get good write performance and good read performance from the volume. The one problem i know of now is when i delete files from the volume.

700 mb  (isofile) get deleted in 2 minutes. All disks are hdparm'd and this was not a problem on any of them before the lvm merge.

Anyone know what im getting at ? Seen the problem before?

Thanks for all help :)

Aleksander Olsen

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