[linux-lvm] Performance problem.

neuron neuron at hollowtube.mine.nu
Mon Nov 17 19:07:01 UTC 2003

ftp to localhost
starts on 10.2mb/sec, goes stable for a short while, then stops for a few seconds (4-5), then continues in about 5-6 until the transfer is complete.

all my stuff are on seperate irq's.

when I copy, "system" load skyrockets, 60-85%.
lftp and glftpd is the processes using resources.  I could try smb aswell, but I'm guessing I'll find that eating my system resources aswell.

>   Hm.  You  seem  to  have  quite the problem :( Could it be that some
>   logging  is  turned  on  and spewing data as soon as you copy larger
>   files  etc? Have you looked on CPU usage while copying, or looked on
>   IRQ assignments (NIC might share with IDE controller)?
>   Could  also  be NIC that is not using a good driver? I have had that
>   before  both  with  Intel  and  RealTek  cards.  Actually,  when you
>   mention it there are two Intel Pro 100 drivers in the kernel (Donald
>   Becker and Intel original I think). Try switching between the two.
>   Did you try Samba or FTP locally? If that works good then it is most
>   likely something to do with the networking parts of your system.

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