[linux-lvm] Performance problem.

Henric Andersson ha at tactel.se
Wed Nov 19 07:22:17 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 19 November 2003 01.01, neuron wrote:
> hmm... could it be the reboot solved it?  

Don't think so, I've rebooted before (poweroutage, etc) and that didn't do 
anything for performance.

> Hasn't for me, you could try
> running the box for a while, then testing, to see if it needs a reboot
> every now and then or something like that.

I'm going to do just that. It really bothers me that this happened. Sure, it's 
nice to see that its fast, but I really want to know WHY :)

> "(unless the moving and jerking of cables somehow fixed a problem I didn't
> know of)" could be noise on the cables I suppose, though I doubt that,
> especially considering I'm experiencing the same thing, and I've replaced
> the cables fairly recently.

Exactly ... so I think we can rule thatone out too. One thing that might be 
the reason behind this improvement on performance is what version of the 
software one is using. But I doubt that I would see a 10x improvement because 
of any updates. Ohwell, I'll try and run one test per week and see if the 
figures change.


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