[linux-lvm] reiserfs_resize and lvreduce

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Sat Nov 22 10:50:01 UTC 2003

> On Saturday, 22 November 2003, at 16:06:06 +0100,
> Tobias Wagener wrote:

>> I want to reduce a LV. My question is, will reiserfs_resize move used
>> blocks in the "reduce"-area on my LV to unused blocks? Or must I do this
>> for my own by hand? And if how? 
> I always do it by hand , firts reducing the filesystem to the desired
> final size (using resize_reiserfs) and then reducing th LV size to
> something larger than the above.

> I usually try "lvreduce" with "--test" first, to see the final LV size,
> and check if it is larger than the filesystem, and the repeat the above
> command once I am sure it will not break anything.

  And  then  you can run reiserfs_resize again to use up the last MB's
  that you lost. Quite simple and efficient.

> Greetings.

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