[linux-lvm] return from lvm2 to lvm

guy cadoche guycadoche at mail.com
Mon Nov 24 17:23:01 UTC 2003

I was using lvm on a 2.4 kernel (gentoo) and it works perfectly.
I install kernel-2.6 and lvm2 : works perfectly.
I want to return to kernel-2.4 and as the patch for device-mapper is not 
include in the kernel core, cannot mount the lvm disk.
it search for device-mapper (modprobe) and not for lvm-mod
I unmerge lvm2 and device-mapper...still the same.
Is there a way to return to use lvm-mod under kernel-2.4.22 ???
(I want to return because vmware-workstation doesn't work under kernel-2.6)
Thank you

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