[linux-lvm] LVM across network

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Wed Nov 26 09:41:01 UTC 2003

  Yes.  This is possible with NBD 2.0 and later (earlier nbd tools has
  limitation  of  4GB  per  shared  disk/volume/device).  You  need to
  compile the NBD (Network Block Device) module in the kernel too.

  Then simply run on the server (the machines hosting spare volumes):

    nbd-server  10000 /dev/hdax  (replace 10009 with the port you want
    to use)

  On  the  client  machine  (where  you want to run LVM to collect all

    nbd-client IP port /dev/nbd/0

  For  each  server  you connect simply change the IP/port and the NBD
  device number. After this you run "vgscan" and "vgchange -ay vg"

  You  should  be warned though. If you loose network connectivity you
  can end up with filesystem damage.

> Hello, 
> I have simple question. Is it possible run LVM across network ?
> For example, first disk on pc1, second on pc3, third on pc3...
> I need file system that colecting free space across network onto one
> point.
> Thank you, Marek Jan 

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