[linux-lvm] Moving disks

Erik Rask erik at strakt.com
Tue Sep 9 01:43:02 UTC 2003

Hello all! I am running LVM (1.0.7-5 according to the Debian package
list) on two Debian/Sid machines, that act as servers. I have now set up
an intermediate backup system, with external SCSI disks in separate
cabinets mirrored each night, to have a quick access backup in case of
disk failure. These external disks, as well as the internal ones (apart
from the root partition) are LVM. My question now is this: 
Would it be possible to take one of those drives and connect it to another
LVM capable host, and have it recognize the LV's on the disk? I am not
sure of how much of the VG/LV information is stored on the disk, so I have
not tried this. 
RTFM's are fine, if you could include pointers to the FM's, since I have
had problems digging this up. 
Erik Rask, systems administrator @ AB Strakt
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