[linux-lvm] pvscan showing 0 free on all PV's.

Tupshin Harper tupshin at tupshin.com
Wed Sep 17 02:02:01 UTC 2003

Rickard Olsson wrote:

> Tupshin Harper wrote:
>> If you are using reiserfs, jfs, or xfs, you are probably out of luck, 
>> as these filesystems don't currently support reduction.
> resize_reiserfs shrinks or grows reiserfs3 filesystems.
> http://www.namesys.com/resize_reiserfs.html
> [evidence type=anecdotal] I have used it to grow and shrink my 
> reiserfs filesystems on many occasions for several years with no 
> problems whatsoever. [/evidence] I typically use ext3 on the / and 
> /boot partitions and LVM with Reiser on all large storage areas, like 
> /home and /files. This is specifically because it is easy to change 
> the sizes of the filesystems and handle the disks - move them around 
> and so on.

Yup, I misspoke. It's JFS and XFS that don't shrink.


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