[linux-lvm] Migrate from LVM1 to LVM2...

Svetoslav Slavtchev galia at st-peter.stw.uni-erlangen.de
Fri Sep 19 09:49:02 UTC 2003

Quoting Rickard Olsson <richie at webhackande.se>:

> Svetoslav Slavtchev wrote:
> > so your scripts are already for dm-mod ?-)
> The LVM2 ebuild has device-mapper as a dependency and although I haven't 
> checked what it does in detail, it seems to install properly.

that's really nice :-)
>  > ( happy Gentoo users :-) )
> Well, we're forced to use devfs...

should this be really bad ?
i no devfs is depricated in 2.6, but i'm not that sure 
that udev is already usable


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