[linux-lvm] i2o devices and lvm Error on LE versus PE

Gianmichele Murano gingiabios at email.it
Sat Sep 20 07:02:01 UTC 2003


as first thing, i say hallo to you.

now i tell you my problem:
on a controler raid  (i2o devices) i have a debian distro.
Recently i have enlarged the logical volumes  on this controler.
All seemed ok,  i was able to remount the file systems and to copy and install 
programs and data on resized volumes.

So, i was out of office and the development server was tuned off by person who 
wasn't me (so i don't know what is the matter, if happened any thing ).

later, when in was in office i have turn on the server and the vgscan failed, 
it said " ..omissis... only  found 499 of 500  LE for LV 
/dev/volume1/lgv1(0)" .
I don't undestand what was happened.
It is possible that a bad tuned off make a problem as this?
Any body know the answer?

To solve the trouble i thinked to do in this way:
to reduce the LV lgv1 of some LE , in this way the info about the number of LE  
will rewrite and (i hope) the problem vanish.The idea seems good, isn't?
But i can't do this because the volume group is inactive.
Anybody know a method to active a volume group also if vgscan fail?

Please, i MUST to recove the data on the lv, we don't have a backup policy 

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