[linux-lvm] i2o devices and lvm Error on LE versus PE

Gingia gingiabios at email.it
Tue Sep 23 05:44:02 UTC 2003

Alle 11:54, lunedì 22 settembre 2003, Heinz J . Mauelshagen ha scritto:
> Of course you can use a metadata backup and restore it but this is no
> good advice either without knowing which changes have been made (i.e.
> multiple lvcreate/lvremove/lvextend/lvreduce meanwhile) and which metadata
> backup should be restored, preusmably _all_ PVs are accessible.
> You want to read pvcreate and vgcfgrestore manual pages and use
> the -ll option of vgcfgrestore to analyze your backup contents.
ThnkYou Very VERY much
I tried to restore the volume with vgcfgrestore but in the past i did it 
wrongly because i read the man pages in bad way (i had a great tears and 
so.... ;^P )
So i didn't see that i used vgcfgrestore  with the option -l so it made the 
list  and not the restore Ah AH AH, if i think that for 2-3 day i "crying" 
the server .....
When you said me to use -l to make a list then i realize.....
Thank you.
In the next time i tell you -if want- what suceeded and i was in that 
situation ....

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