[linux-lvm] DM encryption target?

Jon Bendtsen jon+lvm at silicide.dk
Wed Sep 24 06:21:01 UTC 2003

Christophe Saout wrote:
> Am Di, 2003-09-23 um 17.51 schrieb Greg Freemyer:
>>There was talk about creating a DM encrypting target a while ago.
>>Did this ever proceed?
> Yes, as Kevin already pointed out, I've written a working implementation
> some time ago. It currently seems to be more stable than the cryptoloop
> implementation in the 2.6-test kernels.
> You can find my original announcement with some how-to-use details at
> http://lwn.net/Articles/42000/ . Don't use that patch, I've got a newer
> one one my homepage http://www.saout.de/misc/dm-crypt.diff .

How far did you come? Can you change the password? What kind of 
encryption can be used? the hole cryptoapi range? just some?


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