[linux-lvm] How to transit from Linux 2.4 to 2.6 with LVM in play?

Patrick Caulfield caulfield at sistina.com
Tue Sep 30 10:17:02 UTC 2003

On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 09:39:23AM -0500, Mark H. Wood wrote:
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> Okay, I must be missing something obvious, but...how do I get from kernel
> 2.4.19 to 2.6.0-testX without breaking LVM along the way?  The LVM1 tools,
> when run at 2.6 startup, fail after tripping a kernel message that module
> lvm_mod couldn't be found (which is sensible, since 2.6 has no such module
> that I can find).  The LVM2 tools don't want to run on 2.4 because the
> LVM1 driver is present.  So I have no tools that will run in both
> environments, meaning there's no way back if I don't like 2.6, and no way
> to try out LVM2 beforehand.  What have I failed to see?

You could run Debian :-) Debian unstable allows you to switch seamlessly from
LVM1 to LVM2 and back again depending on which kernel you are running.

If not then you'll need to patch device-mapper into your 2.4 kernel to allow you
to run LVM2 on it. (LVM2 will read the LVM1 metadata)



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