[linux-lvm] hdd failure

Marius Gravdal mariusg at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 18:22:20 UTC 2004

One of the disks that made my LVM go bye-bye in the first place seems
to be dying aswell. Is there any way to make sure there's no data on
it before I remove it from the lv/vg? I've restored the lv, but I'm
reluctant to use it since one of the hdd's is spitting out a lot of

If I remember correctly it's one of the drives that I last put in, so
I don't think there's any data on it at all, but I'm not entirely

And if I do an lvreduce/vgreduce, how am I sure that it removes the
hdd I want to get out?

Sorry if I'm asking very obious questions here, but I'm not quite in
to the LVM logic yet :)

-- marius

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