[linux-lvm] vgscan vs vgcfgrestore

Rob Schwartz rschwartz at boscovs.com
Wed Aug 18 02:53:48 UTC 2004

Hello Heinz,

Forgive me for writing in English.   As I come from the United States I am embarassingly uni-lingual.   I have been working with LVM for several months now and finally have had the opportunity to get into the guts of the lvm configuration.   I am preparing myself for the situation where my LVM environment gets corrupted in some manner.  Actually, last week I encountered a problem with LVM and was unable to quickly recover so I ended up simply rebuilding the LVM PV's, VG's and LV's and restoring data.  Fortunately, it was an easy restore.   I have been comparing the vgscan utility with vgcfgrestore.   In a test environment I have deleted the /etc/lvm* stuff and even deleted the /dev/lvm* stuff and successfully recovered the VG and LV by simply doing a vgscan.   Whew... nice... I understand vgcfgbackup and vgcfgrestore but am not sure when I would need to use the configuration backup.   The VGDA as I understand it is stored on the PV's.   If I have the PV's intact I therefore have the VGDA and hence am able to recover using vgscan.    When would I need to use vgcfgrestore?   I have found much information on LVM on the web but nothing that really pinpoints my question.  If there is something out there that I can refer to, please tell me.

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