[linux-lvm] *** Announcement: dmraid 1.0.0-rc3 ***

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Thu Aug 19 16:16:22 UTC 2004

Heinz Mauelshagen wrote:

> The following ATARAID types are supported on Linux 2.6:
> Highpoint HPT37X
> Highpoint HPT45X
> Intel Software RAID
> Promise FastTrack
> Silicon Image Medley


I'd really like to see dmraid be able to support Linux software RAID (md 
driver) as well, at least for RAID-0/1. On my newer systems, using udev, 
mdadm is difficult to use to discover arrays because it requires that 
the /dev/md? devices already exist before they have been activated :-)

I've thought (and talked to Neil B.) about extending the MD driver to 
have ways around this problem, but for my needs (RAID-1), using the DM 
raid 1 target would suffice, and if dmraid could discover and activate 
my arrays I'd be all set.

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