[linux-lvm] RedHat LVM2/DM/SAN Architecture Overview info ?

J.Smith temp201 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 21 16:10:41 UTC 2004

Ok, somebody shoot me if im screwing things up here myself, but ...

Im looking for some (global overview/architecture) information on the
current state of Logical Volume Management and multi-path software for Linux
/Redhat. Please note that im not looking for any configuration guides or
anything, but more for an overview of the architecture, and the
(in-)possibilities (like boot from SAN support with LVM2/DM, lilo/grub boot
manager support for a /boot partition on LVM2 and DM, etc ?) of the current

But it looks like since RedHat has acquired sistina, I cant seem to find any
decent information on this topic ? The only thing I can find is the "Red Hat
Global File System" web page that I get redirected to when I access
www.sistina.com, and that page is really not all that helpful for finding
the kind of information that I am currently looking for - it seems aimed at
people that want to build clusters and Im just looking for LVM/mirroring/SAN
information for regular Linux systems. Doesnt RedHat have some kind of white
paper that provides this information for the RedHat server systems ? Yes, I
could of course read the device mapper, LVM2, and boot-manager HOWTO's and
mailing list myself and try to patch the information together for myself.
But isnt the added value of a distribution supposed to be that you dont have
to do that yourself cause the vendor does this for you ?

Oh, well.

Anyways, if anyone happens to know a URL that can help me clear up this
issue for me, that would be appreciated very much indeed.


John Smith.

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