[linux-lvm] lvm1: kernel BUG caused by broken snapshot volume -- how to drop it?

Helge Bahmann hcb at chaoticmind.net
Mon Aug 30 16:15:55 UTC 2004


Basically subject says it; calling "lvremove /dev/raid5/snapshot" causes a
kernel bug (decoded oops attached), subsequently lvm is in locked state
and no further operations are possible

How do I drop this volume? (the data inside the volume is of no
importance, it's just a backup snapshot, but the other volumes must not
be damaged)

I should add that this machine is serving files for some 100 users, so it
is kind of important that I do not make any mistake...

The system is SLES8; kernel version is 2.4.21, lvm userspace is 1.0.5, but
I don't know what (if any) lvm-related patches Suse may have applied...

Best regards and TIA
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