[linux-lvm] Please Help me on LVM partitioning

Fathianpour Farahnaz fathianf at cc.iut.ac.ir
Wed Dec 1 15:31:46 UTC 2004

Hi, I am new in LVM partitioning, I have a new supermicro with 2 hard disk 
(120GB) and I must install mail server on fedora core 3. So I need to use 
both hards to enlarge my /var and /home.  Would you let me know how should I 
partition my hards.
At the moment I partitioned my first hard (with Disk Druid) 
for /,/boot,/swap and /home and put /var on whole second hard and then I 
changed partition type of /home and /var to physical volume, but I don't 
know what else I should do to be able to enlarge these partitions with LVM 
and Volume Group. 
I realy appreciate your help in this regard.

F. Fathianpour
Webmaster of IUT

IUT WebMail Service at CIS (https://cc.iut.ac.ir/webmail/)

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