[linux-lvm] Strange errors on LVM2 snapshot create.

David Brown lvm at davidb.org
Thu Dec 2 15:28:22 UTC 2004

I'm running x86 Linux 2.6.9, with the 2.6.9-udm patches, lvm2-2.00.02,

Occasionally, when I try creating a snapshot, I get the following out of

  device-mapper ioctl cmd 9 failed: Cannot allocate memory
  Couldn't load device 'shadowdb-homesnap'.
  Problem reactivating origin home
  device-mapper ioctl cmd 6 failed: Invalid argument
  Couldn't resume device 'shadowdb-homesnap'
  Aborting. Failed to activate snapshot exception store. Remove new LV and retry.

There is also an accompanied kernel message that I'll send once I can get
this to happen again while I'm at the machine.

Is this problem known?  Should I try building a newer version of the lvm2
utilities, and device-mapper library?

Any pointers?

Dave Brown

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