[linux-lvm] Newbie questions about LVM

Gwen Morse renniefan at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 06:46:20 UTC 2004

while I'm not able to really answer your question (I'm
not that LVM
knowledgeable), but you are lacking some bit of
crucial information:

On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 18:12 -0800, Gwen Morse wrote:
> However, that looks like it mostly deals with a
> hard drive being copied to another single hard
> We have a raid array, which looks like it's covered
> more under this:

There is a big difference if this array is hardware or
software based.
If you can provide that piece of information, people
will be able to
help you better.


The situation (as I think it is) is that mail server
is on a hardware RAID system formatted with LVM, but,
the question I've been sent to answer is whether it's
possible to connect that hardware RAID sub-system to
another hardware RAID sub-system, using a _software_
RAID 1 (mirror), and have that software RAID be stable
enough to allow the two systems to to function,
_while_ the mail server is...uuhhh...serving mail :).


Old Mail server (Hardware RAID w/LVM) ==> Software
RAID 1 mirror  == > New Mail Server (empty hardware

What is wanted is to take the mail server offline long
enough to set up the software mirror, but, put it back
online while the copying/synching is going on, so that
we don't lose server access during that time.


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