[linux-lvm] duplicate pv.

Philipp Schmidt philipp at ppc.in-berlin.de
Mon Dec 13 15:24:49 UTC 2004

On 2004-12-13 00:49:35 -0800, johon Doe <johond at yahoo.com>
wrote in <20041213084935.61935.qmail at web52503.mail.yahoo.com>:
> hi Phils,
> I have Debian and I changed the value from 0 to 1 and
> viceversa, but I have the same problem.
> Any other ideas ?

set remove all md components from your lv, set md_component_detection = 1,
do a pvcreate on this device, run pvscan and then add them to yor vg, 
doubleck twice (by using lvdisplay -v) the md-device has been added and
not its components.

Worked for me


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