[linux-lvm] How to increase/decrease space

AdabalaP at schneider.com AdabalaP at schneider.com
Wed Dec 15 18:11:30 UTC 2004

Hello all,
I am running FC3, with LVM2 installed. I have the following partition

hda1        /boot             100 meg     10% used


hda2        VolGrp00          4.6 gb

/           VolGrp00/LogVol00 450 meg     35% used
/usr        VolGrp00/LogVol04 1.9 gb            92% used
/usr/local  VolGrp00/LogVol05 128 meg     25% used
/home       VolGrp00/LogVol03 128 meg     60% used
/opt        VolGrp00/LogVol02 128 meg     35% used
/var        VolGrp00/LogVol07 450 meg     30 % used
swap        VolGrp00/LogVol01 64 meg

(1) Added more space (350 meg) to /usr using the command "lvresize -L+350".
When i display the volume group using "lvdisplay" it shows 2.3 gb, But when
i use "df -m" it is still at 1.9 gb and 92% used state.

(2) Initially i had swap space to be 385 meg, i reduced the volume group to
64 meg using the same command, Now i don't even see my swap space by using
"free" command.

How do get my desired results ? I also want to reduce the "/" volume by
50%, How do i do it ?


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