[linux-lvm] Problems with LVM

Mattias Runge mattias at slacker.se
Thu Dec 16 19:22:00 UTC 2004


I had a lvm-array with 3 disks á 120gb. One failed and then I could not 
bring the array online. I had one partition spanning the whole array. 
Finaly I tried vgreduce --removemissing, this got rid of the errors, but 
unfortunatly it now seems that the whole lvm-array of the two remaing 
disks is unallocated. My problem is that I would like to get the data of 
the two remaining disks. Is there any way of doing this or did I !@"#¤ 
up when i did vgreduce --removemissing?
I am using reiserfs on the disk.


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