[linux-lvm] Best practice for lvm on raid-5

Jens Hoffrichter joho at hausboot.org
Mon Feb 2 13:30:02 UTC 2004

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 05:20:25PM +0100, Nils Juergens wrote:

> > Currently I have /dev/md0 as my only physical volume, but this will lead
> > to problems if I am going to expand the raid 5 by adding another 80 GB
> > harddrive to (as pvresize is not implemented again yet, as I understand).
> Unless I am mistaken, it is not even possible to expand /dev/md0 by adding
> another drive in the first place. And because linux software raid has
> no way of knowing which blocks are in use and which are not, i do not see
> how this could ever be possible.
Yes, it should be possible using raidreconf. I have not testet it yet, but
at least the manpage states it. Converting a raid 0 to a raid 5 of same size
worked without problem.

> If you add another array (raid1 or raid5) as /dev/md1, you can vgextend your
> VG.
Yes, I'm aware of this, but for this I have to add another 3 disk to the
system, and I want to avoid this.

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