[linux-lvm] Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1 - LVM 1.0.8

John DeFranco defranco at cup.hp.com
Tue Feb 3 13:08:01 UTC 2004

These are known issues with lvm on rh as2.1. I've resolved these by
doing the following:

1.in drivers/md/lvm-snap.c

Add the line
int nbhs = KIO_MAX_SECTORS; right after the line 
int ret, max_sectors;

Then change the lines:
ret = alloc_kiovec(1, &lv_snap->lv_iobuf); to
ret = alloc_kiovec_sz(1, &lv_snap->lv_iobuf, &nbhs);


ret = alloc_kiovec(1, &lv_snap->lv_COW_table_iobuf); to
ret = alloc_kiovec_sz(1, &lv_snap->lv_COW_table_iobuf, &nbhs);


free_kiovec(1, &lv_snap->lv_COW_table_iobuf); to
free_kiovec_sz(1, &lv_snap->lv_COW_table_iobuf, &nbhs);


free_kiovec(1, &lv_snap->lv_iobuf); to
free_kiovec_sz(1, &lv_snap->lv_iobuf, &nbhs);

2. Then in drivers/block/genhd.c I added:

struct gendisk *gendisk_head;

right after the static struct gendisk *gendisk_head;

Hope this helps.

On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 09:31, Mircea Stanescu wrote:
> Hello,
> i try upgrade the LVM to 1.0.8 version with Red Hat
> Advanced Server 2.1 and curent version of the kernel
> source kernel-source-2.4.9-e.35 .
> The hardware is an ibm x345 sserver with Serveraid 6
> chipset 
> I want to use the lvm as module .
> After Patching the kernel and compile i try to use 
> this new module lvm-mod .
> I encountered 3 error :
> lvm-mod.o: unresolved symbol alloc_kiovec
> lvm-mod.o: unresolved symbol gendisk_head
> lvm-mod.0: unresolved symbol free_kiovec
> Of course i resolv with alloc_kiove free_kiovec with
> the ouput of the compiler was clear and cannot solve
> the problem with "unresolved symbol gendisk_head "
> The ouput of the compiler was 
> lvm.c:439: warning: static declaration for
> `add_gendisk_Rsmp_8afbb461' follows non-static
> lvm.c:457: warning: static declaration for
> `del_gendisk_Rsmp_f58c61d8' follows non-static
> I know the Red Hat don't support LVm on this
> distribution but what are tthe cause of the error and 
> how to correct this .
> Thank to any suggestion ,
> Mircea 
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