[linux-lvm]Re: corrupt /dev/lvm - bizzare properties

Måns Rullgård mru at kth.se
Sun Feb 8 08:51:08 UTC 2004

Chris Doherty <chris.doherty at adelaide.edu.au> writes:

>> > > > root at connect4:~# ls -la /dev/lvm
>> > > > ?---rws-w-  8306 840966198 976250230 875573298 Sep 24  2004 /dev/lvm
>> > >
>> > > Your filesystem seems to have taken some heavy blows.  You should fsck
>> > > it properly.  You might need the -f flag to fsck to force a complete
>> > > check if filesystem is marked clean.
>> >
>> > the filesystem can't be mounted (which is the really worrying part) so i
>> > can't fsck it.
>> >
>> A filesystem that is to be fscked can and may *never* be mounted when 
>> performing an fsck. Usually all fsck tools won't do anything but stop if the
> oops, sorry my last statement was ambiguous.  what i meant was that the 
> filesystem can't be mounted *and* fsck refuses to acknowledge that it is (or 
> was?) a filesystem.

The filesystem containing /dev has been damaged somehow.  You should
fsck it.  Most likely fsck will remove /dev/lvm so you'll have to
recreate it with proper values.  Don't just rm it.  Something bad has
obviously happened and changing things without a proper fsck can make
things worse.

Måns Rullgård
mru at kth.se

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