[linux-lvm] Re: [linux-lvm]Re: corrupt /dev/lvm - bizzare properties

Chris Doherty chris.doherty at adelaide.edu.au
Wed Feb 11 03:16:05 UTC 2004

>> The filesystem containing /dev has been damaged somehow.  You should
>> fsck it.  Most likely fsck will remove /dev/lvm so you'll have to
>> recreate it with proper values.  Don't just rm it.  Something bad has
>> obviously happened and changing things without a proper fsck can make
>> things worse.

i'm happy to report a fsck of the root filesystem fixed the problem.  now why 
didn't i do that in the first place? :)

it didn't remove /dev/lvm though, it just repaired it.  thanks to all for 
their suggestions.

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